About FTI Inc.

The Firearms Training Institute, Inc. (FTI) was established in July of 2000 for the primary purpose of training
individuals and groups on the safety, proficiency and judgmental use of firearms.

FTI goals are:
  •  To train novice individuals and groups to use firearms safely and responsibly.
•        To train individuals and groups in the tactical application of firearms in the urban environment.
•        To train and certify operators as National Rifle Association (NRA) Firearms Instructors.
•        To provide advanced training to qualified civilians, the military, and law enforcement agencies.
•        To provide help for businesses and governments in matters of security and threat assessment.
•        To provide life saving training in First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated
     External Defibrillator (AED).

FTI instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds including:
•        Law Enforcement.
•        Military.
•        Private Security.
•        *Over 100 years of combined experience training individuals and groups.

FTI has trained members from a number of agencies that include:
•        U.S. Army                                         U.S. Marine Corps                U.S. Air Force
•        U.S. Navy                                          New York State Police         New York City Police
•        Peekskill Police, NY                        Long Beach Police, NY        Rock Hill Police, SC
•        New York State Court Officers       U.S. Park Police SWAT       Federal Bureau of Prisons
•        New York State Office of Mental Health Police                            New York State Guard
•        Numerous Private Security Agencies                                            Charlotte Police, NC
•        FTI has also trained a number of law enforcement and military officers from the following countries: Spain,
France, Italy, Trinidad, Canada, Romania and Great Britain.

FTI provides instruction in the following weapons systems and tactics:
•        Tactical Handgun.
•        Patrol Rifle.
•        Combat Shotgun.
•        Long Range Precision Rifle.
•        Weapon Retention and Disarming.
Firearms Training Institute